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Think of Bathroom Partitions as the walls that separate individual toilet stalls or urinals in a public restroom. They are like small, separate rooms within the larger restroom area. These partitions are typically made of materials like metal, plastic, or laminate, and their main job is to give people privacy while they use the toilet or urinal. They come in various designs and sizes to fit different restroom layouts.

Bathroom Accessories are like the finishing touches that make a restroom more convenient and user-friendly. These can include things like:

Toilet Paper Holders: These are fixtures on the wall where you can easily access toilet paper.

Paper Towel Dispensers: These provide paper towels for hand drying after washing.

Soap Dispensers: These are containers that hold soap for handwashing.

Hand Dryers: Instead of paper towels, some restrooms have hand dryers that blow warm air to dry your hands.

Mirrors: Mirrors on the wall allow people to check their appearance and make sure they look presentable.

Trash Receptacles: These are bins where you can dispose of used paper towels and other trash.

Coat Hooks: Hooks on the wall or behind the stall door where you can hang your coat or bag.

Baby Changing Stations: In family restrooms, you might find a table with safety straps where parents can change their baby's diaper.

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