Quality Materials

We offer a full range of quality building materials to meet the requirements of any project. From rough lumber to finishing touches, we have what you need. Additionally, our trucks are standing by to deliver supplies directly to your next job.

Use the menu to the right to view just how much we have to offer. For price quotes and any questions you may have, please contact a sales associate today.

Republic Metal Doors & Frames

Hollow Metal Frame Depths

  • 5 Masonry/Welded
  • 5 7/8 Drywall
  • 8 Drywall
  • 8 Masonry/Welded
  • Any custom size available

Hollow Metal Doors

  • 2868 Honeycomb Core w/161 Prep
  • 2870 Honeycomb Core w/161 Prep
  • 3068 Honeycomb Core w/161 Prep or Mortise Edge Prep
  • 3070 Honeycomb Core w/161 Prep or Mortise Edge Prep
  • 3070 Insulated Galvanized w/161 Prep, Blank for Panic, and 86 Edge Preps
  • Hollow Metal doors available with embossed panels for short lead times.

Welded Frames in Stock

  • 53/4 Frames, 3068/3070 with 2 and 4 heads
  • We now offer welded frames from our steel fabrication department
Commercial Wood Doors

  • Red Oak: 3068, 3070 and 3080 in stock
  • Birch: 3068, 3070 and 3080 in stock
  • Red Oak and Birch unfinished and pre-finished
  • Plastic Laminate Doors
  • Particle and Mineral Core 5 ply Doors in stock
  • Shop finish available for custom match
Specialty Products

Timely steel frame equivalent

Residential steel frame with adjustable jambs

Architectural Wood Doors

Wood doors can be shop stained to match any custom millwork, wood frames and case work provided by Chisholm Millwork

Product Checklist

You can also take advantage of this product checklist which lists all the supplies we offer in a convenient hardcopy format. Organize your thought before you buy with this product checklist.

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